UX case study: Redesigning the onboarding experience of a travel app

A look back at the first project I completed from a 10-month UX Design program and applying lessons I learned after graduating

Mobile screens showing onboarding for a travel app

The Brief

Bon Voyage is a travel app the provides recommendations in different cities around the world. Since it was our first project and in a six week timeframe, we were provided with three transcripts from user interviews. From there, I sythensized the data and realized the biggest problems were the following:

  • Lack of authentic experiences from recommendations
  • Need a way to collaborate and share itineraries
  • Inability to have a customized experienced based on individual preferences

Sign In or Sign Up

The onboarding process was probably my biggest change in this project. A quick google search on how to design an onboarding experience will give you countless articles and recommendations. Seeing as most users tend to not particularly enjoy the process, it can be tricky to get it right. My first attempt was basic and very safe. And to be honest, not effective at all.

  1. Alternative ways to sign up besides email
  2. Option to skip and explore the app (but yikes, you can barely even see that option in the old version)
  3. Make it easy for users to access the sign in screen without having to hit a back button

Onboarding attempt #1: The Nickel Tour

Often referred to as “The Nickel Tour” or “Coach Screens,” this onboarding type is a quick slideshow explaining the value proposition of the app. While the most common type of onboarding, this process isn’t very useful. Usually only a few screen long, it then leaves the user on their own to figure it all out.

Onboarding attempt #2: Customization

Now that I had a goal for onboarding in mind, I had to figure out how to gather information from the user and not be obnoxious about it. If you saw a sea of text inputs and drop downs, wouldn't you feel overwhelmed and just skip it? I know I would!


Think about what you need to get out of the users during onboarding and avoid pointless screens.



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