Thinking about becoming a UX/UI designer? Follow these Instagram accounts!

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The best/worst thing about social media is how it uses algorithms and data to predict further content you might like. While the downsides to this can be extreme (have you seen the Social Dilemma yet?), I’m focusing on the lighter side:

When making a career change, overriding that existing algorithm to get it to display your new interests can be overwhelming and challenging.

Yeah, you’ll follow a lot of dud accounts and a lot of great ones before your discovery page finally becomes filled with all the content your heart has been looking for. So to save you some time (and help fight against that algorithm), here’s a list of 24 UX/UI accounts I follow to get you started!

the classics

1. Interaction Design Foundation


2. Nielsen Norman Group


3. AJ & Smart


4. Dribbble


the designers

5. Femke


6. Zander Whitehurst


7. Cagla Caglar


8. Muhammad Abdull


9. Ioana Teleanu


10. Manuel Rovira


11. Sajon

12. Brandon Groce


13. Alex Guevara


14. Miriam Isaac


15. Leo Gonzalez


16. Patricia Reiners


the informational & inspirational

17. UX Bites


18. Uxcel

19. UX Trends


20. Satisfied User


21. UI Gradient


22. UX Giotto


23. Pix


24. UI/UX


Have questions or just want to chat? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Phylicia Flynn

Phylicia Flynn


Interior Designer transformed into UX/Product Designer. NJ transplant living in the Midwest. Has an affinity for dogs, spicy food and coffee shops.