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  • Melissa Ho

    Melissa Ho

    User Experience Researcher & Designer in Minneapolis, MN and master of knocking things over.

  • Nick Lawrence

    Nick Lawrence

    UI/UX designer with over a decade of experience in the design industry.

  • Kasey Randall

    Kasey Randall

    Senior Interaction Designer @SiriusXM www.kaseyrandall.design

  • Shannon Trumbull

    Shannon Trumbull

    All things coffee and design. Mostly design.

  • Sophie Kreitman

    Sophie Kreitman

  • OkCupid


    Dating deserves better.

  • Amy Yang

    Amy Yang

    Product designer based in LA 🌞 Tweeting @amyyang0110

  • Shannon Langan

    Shannon Langan

    Shannon is a freelancer who loves all things UX research, e-commerce and psychology.

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