A quick design challenge to design a recipe for a mobile application

The Brief

While I have a certification in UX Design, I wanted to challenge myself and learn UI design as well. One of the best ways to learn is to do and I started to take on weekly Design Challenges. At first, I was scared at still tackled them as UX Design…

I am a User Experience Designer so I can’t help myself but to question antiquated systems. From the job seeker to the people on the hiring side, this process is a UX disaster.

Close up of hands typing on a laptop

let’s start from the job seeker’s perspective

Right now job seekers have not been blessed with a booming economy we’ve seen in prior years. The competition is higher and the remote landscape allowed companies to expand their talent pool.

After seeing one job posting had over 1,700 applicants, I thought to myself, “how will I be able…

What I learned after I started to treat it like a UX Design project

first iteration

Or let’s call it the first pancake. We all know that the first pancake is always your tester… and usually not the prettiest. My first attempt at designing my portfolio was a hurdle. As part of a bootcamp, we had a 5-week phase at the end to develop our own…

24 accounts I wish I knew about at the beginning of my journey

Photo by alex bracken on Unsplash

The best/worst thing about social media is how it uses algorithms and data to predict further content you might like. While the downsides to this can be extreme (have you seen the Social Dilemma yet?), I’m focusing on the lighter side:

When making a career change, overriding that existing algorithm…

Phylicia Flynn

Interior Designer transformed into UX/Product Designer. NJ transplant living in the Midwest. Has an affinity for dogs, spicy food and coffee shops. phylicia.co

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